Tone Talk with Shelby Means By GGM Staff - March 5, 2019

Excerpt from the article:

What is your definition of tone and how has it changed over the years?

Tone is life; it is my fingers on the string, my breath, and intention on my vocal cords, my hand on the bow, the weight of my shoulder, and the resonance of energy that creates sound waves in time. Tone is all encompassing and all about our perception… it can be pleasing or harsh, popping with attack or sweet and gentle. 

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Featured in Bass Magazine for the Lovers Leap EP release


Shelby Means and Lovers Leap Announce Self-Titled Debut EP

Set to be released April 19, 2019, the eponymous collection of songs is a healthy mix of all four member’s backgrounds


FEB 6, 2019

“Set to be released April 19, 2019, the eponymous collection of songs is a healthy mix of all four member’s backgrounds; beautiful, tight three-part harmony, dobro acrobatics, easy groove, and galloping bluegrass. Over the course of a year, Lovers Leap was recorded one or two days at a time, dancing around band members’ hectic schedules, in both touring and everyday life.”

Sally & George in the Islands

Sally & George had their first tour in the Virgin Islands Jan 27-Feb 2. We played 5 shows on St. Thomas and St. John and it was a great experience. We took advantage of the beautiful scenery to film an application for the Tiny Desk Concert contest.

George managed to catch a LOT of waves... 50 in one day! He is tan and happy from the sun, sand, waves, and music. I got the chance to finish reading The Heart of Yoga and also soaked up some vitamin D. The Sally & George show is coming along swell! It's exciting to work on music and performing and we can't wait to bring the show to you sometime soon! 


Sally aka Shelby